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Fee Schedule

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Schedule of  Fees

Fee Schedule
Share Account Fees  
Christmas Club Early Withdrawl Fee $5.00 per withdrawl
Share Draft Account Fees  
Overdraft Fee $25.00 per item
Returned Item Fee $10.00 per item
Stop Payment Fee $5.00 per request
Share Draft Printing Fee Price May Vary Depends Upon the Style
Counter Check Fee $0.30 per check
Copy of Check Mailed Fee $5.00 per item
Copy of Check Faxed Fee $7.00 per item
Transfer Fee $3.00 per item
Other Service Fees (Applicable To All Accounts)
Accounts Reconciliation Fee $10.00 per hour
Statement Copy Fee $1.00 per copy
Deposited Item Return Fee $10.00 per item
Wire Transfer (Incoming) Fee $12.00 per transfer
Wire Transfer (outgoing) Fee $12.00 per transfer
Certified Check Fee (Under $300) $1.00 per check
Money Order Fee $1.00 per check
Inactive Account Fee $2.00 per month on accounts under $25.00
Automatic Account Transfer Fee $3.00 per transfer
Subject to change without notice

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