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Deposit Highlights


A $5 deposit opens your credit union account. Contribute to your share savings account by automatic payroll deduction or direct deposit, at any 167th TFR Federal Credit Union location. You'll receive competitive rates of return on your funds to help your assets grow. Enhance your access with a Debit Card for even more convenience. Download Transaction Slip

Share Draft Checking

There is no minimum balance and no monthly or per draft fees. The availability of direct deposit and our Debit Card make our share draft convenient to use as well. As an added benefit, you earn dividends on your account balance. We also offer overdraft protection from your savings account for a modest fee of $3.

Share Certificates

The credit union offers share certificates with a variety of rates and terms to suit your needs. Open a certificate with a low minimum deposit and watch your money grow with our great rates. Early withdrawal penalty will be imposed.

IRA Savings

An IRA can help you save for retirement with a higher rate of return. We also offer the Roth IRA accounts too.

Christmas & Vacation Shares

Set money aside for a special purpose with these accounts. Automatic payroll deductions from each paycheck help your money to grow steadily for that special holiday or that great vacation.

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